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We are honored to have been chosen to be the North American representative for Copeman Hart Company of Irthlingborough, England. Copeman Hart has been building very high quality organs since 1960.  Each instrument is custom-built, taking into account the wishes of the organist, consultant, architect (where one is already involved) and church. This policy has proved, over four decades, to provide lasting satisfaction to both organists and listeners.


The flexibility of our voicing software, and the knowledge of pipe organ sound which our voicers possess, means that the end results are far and away the most pipe like you will find. We view organ building as sound production, not reproduction. Separate control over the pitch and amplitude of each harmonic; speech articulation of flues and reeds, in their differing ways; the start, steady (which is anything but steady) and finish of each and every note of every stop. These are just a few of the essential parameters under the total control of our voicing system, to a degree absent in most digital organs.


The speaker systems are always designed to suit the building. Superb bass is a well known feature of Copeman Hart instruments and we go to great lengths to ensure the bass is thoroughly realistic, and has the power and depth which one associates with a good pipe organ.


We do not use digital sampling technology, but a very much better and more flexible real-time computer system in which every stop can be voiced over the whole keyboard range. Only the finest of digital organs now use this principal today. Probably the most important aspect, which sets us apart from the much cheaper sampling technology, is that the sound is actually computed as the notes are being played. This, and the knowledge and skills of our voicers, is what gives our instruments the “freshness” of sound quality only associated with a pipe organ.






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